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OSINT at your fingertips in the field

NexusAware provides open source intelligence at the fingertips of first responders & field personnel working in complex environments combined with advanced artificial intelligence in the palm of your hand

Designed to bring tactical intelligence on-demand, enabling a new era of on-the-ground decision making & bridge the information gap between operators in the field & intelligence analysts in the operations room

Built from operational experience, only what matters


Real-Time Situational Awareness

Social media geo fencing, person of interest extraction & language cluster identification for what's happening around you

Geo Area Sentiment Analysis

AI enabled area sentiment, tonal analysis, image object detection, chatter isolation for hashtags, people & organisations

Online Chatter

Online chatter across surface, deep & dark-web, hyper-local news, regional & country news to build rapid context beyond geo areas

Area Conditions

Up-to-date satellite imagery, traffic conditions & incidents, global live traffic  cameras, detailed weather filtering for rapid area condition assessments

People Searching

Deep person records searching & extraction with rich social media profile discovery in the field. Perfect for field investigators & rapid screening of individuals

Police begin to shut down a road in preparation for Fire Fighters as a fire burns. police
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