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NexusAware provides first responders, field personnel, close personnel protection teams & planning teams with open source intelligence in the palm of their hand. Designed to allow rapid collection from the palm of your hand so you can make informed on-the-ground decisions. We bridge the critical information gap between tactical operators & back of house intelligence analysts

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First Responders

First responders need visual acuity and an understanding of area atmospherics on the fly. They work at a pace where deep intelligence analysis is often too late, and the feedback loop from field reports to back-of-house intelligence analysis isn't timely to support tactical decisions. NexusAware bridges this information gap by allowing first responders to immediately collect real-time information for rapid situational awareness around critical events they are responding to. Having the information in the palm of the hands for the operator allows them to make informed decisions based on tactical information at hand, combined with their ground-based context. A game-changer for keeping first responders safe & allowing them to adapt to changing circumstances on-route.

Personnel Protection Teams

Personnel protection teams need robust information on the fly. Often adapting to changes in circumstances, from itineraries to locations to threats, they don't have time to wait for intelligence assessments or may not have the support. NexusAware directly supports CPP operations by putting the information at the fingertips of the operators on the ground. They can rapidly collect & assess across geo-areas, online chatter and even screen individuals in the field to conduct rapid assessments of potential threats. This level of tactical intelligence serves to enhance the protection of the principles they are tasked with protecting. Combined with the ability to assess area conditions such as weather, traffic & access the latest satellite imagery on-demand, further enables the operator to make informed decisions about constantly changing requirements related to their protection tasks.

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Field Investigators

Field investigators need to rapidly move around information to follow leads without access to a laptop or back of house intelligence support. NexusAware provides critical tools for searching persons records in the field, with deep enrichment of their names, email addresses, online activity, phone numbers, addresses & social media profiles. Being able to quickly assess the online chatter of a person, location, event or group allows them to operate more efficiently and fill critical information gaps to save time.

Field Planning Teams

Personnel planning in the field need to know what is happening around them immediately. Often working without direct intelligence support, personnel in the field often rely on limited information. NexusAware gives them real-time, critical information at their fingertips & on-demand to make informed decisions such as risks of compromise, changes to the environment & rapid background assessment of individuals that come into the tactical picture. NexusAware also supports the ability to plan field operations effectively without delay and fusing open-source information with their other forms of intelligence that have led them to the operation at hand.

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Team squad of special forces in action in the desert among the rocks covered by smoke scre

Partner Operations

Working in partner force operations introduces significant complexities with sharing of intelligence, operating abroad in small teams with limited reach-back, and gaining rapid situational awareness to support tactical decisions. NexusAware provides operators with information of what's happening around them, and search capabilities for what may impact their next decision. It also enables them to rapidly understand the context of complex topics or evolving circumstances, such as information shared from the partner force or local population about an event or situation. NexusAware directly enables the operator to grasp the back story & gain rapid insights in the field to better enable their continued engagement and value add to partner force efforts through the passage of unclassified information.

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