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OSINT Combine is an Australian veteran owned & operated business

who specialize in open source intelligence (OSINT) training & software. Successful delivery of advanced OSINT training, software & services globally to government organisations including national intelligence agencies, tri-service military, local & federal law enforcement through to private sector organisations including Fortune 500 & ASX 200 companies.

We are the proud developers of the NexusXplore & NexusAware OSINT software platforms, and are a leading platform-agnostic OSINT training provider internationally.

Why we built NexusAware?

We have decades of experience in special operations, national security & law enforcement. We bring a deep level of experience to critical incident response, rapid deployments where intelligence isn't readily available, close personnel protection operations & discreet operational requirements.


We understand the need, we know what matters & we built what's required

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